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Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan

Social media can be a cost-effective way of promoting and growing your business. If you decide that this option is for you, you may expect to receive:


  • An overview of the social media channels that are right for your business. Which channels should you be focussing on and how should your organise your team's time?

  • An introduction to the tools for scheduling and automating social media.

  • Tips for copywriting for social media.

  • An introduction to User-generated Content (UGC), with practical ideas that could work for your business.

  • An introduction to Influencer Marketing. Would partnering with an influencer benefit your business?

  • A 6-week detailed social media plan.

  • A bespoke annual events calendar relevant to your business.

  • How to measure the success of your social media via Google Analytics and BuzzSumo etc.

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Marketing Strategy 

Audit, SWOT Analysis, Segmentation & Customer Profiling, Targeting, Positioning,  The Marketing Mix, Resource Breakdown, Budgeting, Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), Metrics & Measurement (KPIs).

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Marketing Campaign Plan for New Products & Services

Objectives, Challenges, Customer Profiling, Value Propositions & USP's, The Integrated Communications Mix, Lightweight & Heavyweight Content, Branding, Project Management.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Audit, Content Pillars, Content Structure & Management, The Content Marketing Mix, a 6-month Content Media Plan, Bespoke Annual Events Calendar, Measurement & Optimisation.

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