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You may be just setting up a new business, or perhaps you have decided to take your marketing to the next level? Do you need help defining the marketing tactics, tools and resources that are right for your business? Or perhaps you have a new product or service that you are launching to market? 

Why not contact Louise with your marketing query today? 


Friendly and Impartial Marketing Advice

Sometimes talking to an independent marketing expert can give you a fresh perspective and additional support. The right solution may just be a phone call away.


Louise offers a 30-minute free consultation by Zoom to discuss the challenges that you may be facing, and the solutions that may be right for you. 

Ready to hit the ground running?

Sentient Marketing offers 4 core marketing services, bespoke to your business. Prices are dependent on the size of your business and length of planning time required.

Image by Scott Graham

Marketing Strategy 

Audit, SWOT Analysis, Segmentation & Customer Profiling, Targeting, Positioning, The Marketing Mix, Resource Breakdown, Budgeting, Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), Metrics & Measurement (KPIs).

Image by Scott Graham

Marketing Campaign Plan for New Products & Services

Objectives, Challenges, Customer Profiling, Value Propositions & USP's, The Integrated Marketing Communications Mix, Lightweight & Heavyweight Content, Branding, Project Management.

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Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Audit, Content Pillars, Content Structure &  Management, The Content Marketing Mix, 6-month Content Media Plan, Bespoke Annual Events Calendar, Measurement & Optimisation.

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Social Media Plan

Social Media Networks, Resources &Tools for automating social media. Copywriting, User-Generated Content (UGC), Influencer Marketing, 6-week Social Media Plan, Bespoke Annual Events Calendar, Measurement & Optimisation

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