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The Gig Economy and Freelance Marketers.

Updated: Dec 30, 2020


I’ve got my Fitbit on and I’m taking control of my career! I’m a #Freelance Marketing Consultant, or a “gigger” stepping out into the wider #gig economy. I’m ready to move quickly and nimbly from project to project, or “gig to gig”, widen my network of clients and broaden my horizons.

What is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy gets its name from each piece of work being thought of as an individual “gig”. It’s a flexible way of working, whereby freelance marketers’ complete separate pieces of work on-demand, or work for a fixed-period under contract.

If you visit sites like Fiverr.com or PeoplePerHour.com, you will find a range of freelancers offering gigs to support businesses. Services range from niche to general, and heavyweight strategic support, such as #videography, #photography, #copywriting, web development, events planning, #campaign management, and #strategic marketing #planning.

7 reasons Why you should hire a Marketing Consultant.

  1. Freelancers can help you battle periods of disruption in business, and help you get back on course when things don’t go according to plan. Disruption can be caused by economic #recession, #pandemics, and other disruptions in the wider environment, which are unforeseeable and beyond our control. According to Career Coach Patricia Romboletti, (2019): "...disruption is speeding up at an exponential rate. Fast growth companies are rising and succeeding so quickly, regardless of industry." Take for example, Airbnb and Uber.

  2. Freelancers can fill in #talent, skills, and knowledge gaps, especially for small businesses, where a budget isn’t available for full-time hires. Too often, I have worked for companies where they expect their marketing staff to be #specialists in all fields of marketing. Surely nobody can be the “full package”? In just in the same way that a plumber could not wire a house, or a hairdresser administer a Brazilian wax! Often many Freelance Marketing Consultants take on the role of #educators, delivering training courses for internal members of staff to help departments up-skill in the long-term.

  3. Marketing Consultants remain at the cutting edge of their profession. They have the flexibility to attend webinars, conferences and training courses, whenever they want. This means that they are constantly updating their knowledge to remain relevant. They are also learning things that keep their minds open and agile for change. Just look at the rate of change within social media! Competition within this arena is so prevalent, that changes are being made to popular channels on a weekly basis. Take for example the addition of #LinkedIn Stories, Facebook Events, the latest political saga with #TikTok, and the constant innovation of #Instagram.

  4. Freelancers or #giggers can fill gaps within the marketing function, by undertaking jobs that your internal team may not want, or have the time to undertake, but that are vital in marketing; such as research, auditing and data analysis. While your team may be working on time sensitive projects, or the day-to-day running of the department, freelancers can take on the heavy lifting and help deliver the insight and information you need to stay ahead of your competition.

  5. Freelancers can take pressure off over-stretched teams by delivering specific projects. Many marketing departments are under-resourced. Your staff may already be wearing several hats and working across departments, including HR, Finance, Sales, R&D and Customer Services. On occasion, additional resources may be required to help deliver major projects that stand outside #business as usual activity. For example, perhaps you have a major trade show that needs delivering or maybe your company wants to deliver a crucial #campaign to launch a new #product or #service?

  6. Freelancers can stand in for absent staff. Fixed or rolling contracts can fill resource gaps for sickness or maternity leave, and often companies see this as an opportunity to take on a more #skilled professional to help them improve systems and processes and take their marketing function to the next level.

  7. Freelancers also help support marketing functions and provide objectivity during periods of #change or transition. You may decide that you would like to hire a Marketing Consultant as an “Agent of Change” to help steer your department in the right direction?

So, ask yourself are you a gig enthusiast? Could your business benefit from the expertise and flexibility of a Freelance Marketing Consultant? And what benefits will this bring to your company in the long run?

If the answer is yes - ensure you hire a good fit for your organisation. LinkedIn profiles, recommendations and qualifications will be a good place to start. But be quick - they may have already moved on to their next gig!

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