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Case Study

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Client: Friends of Victoria Park Stretford (FOVPS)


  • Marketing Strategy

  • Style Guide

  • Original photography

  • Branded templates (letterhead/ PowerPoint presentation, invoice, newsletter)


Project Background

FOVPS Community Park and Hub.

A place for recreation and well-being, learning and development. For the community, by the community.

Formed in 2001, in response to residents’ concerns over the government cuts of the late 80’s and 90’s, which saw a rapid degeneration in public park areas and facilities, the Friends of Victoria Park Stretford (FOVPS) became a recreational Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) on the 30 August 2018. The park is based in Stretford, in the borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester.

Historically, Victoria Park was created as an urban park in response to overcrowding and the conditions of the poor in Stretford. Today, it is designated as the Town Park for Stretford by Trafford Council. The grounds of Victoria Park are a free, safe, green open space for all, including disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society; autistic and disabled people, youth and women’s groups, the elderly, and people suffering from addiction and substance abuse.

FOVPS is the mechanism by which volunteering, events, sports, gardening, arts and crafts, and fundraising enterprises can be managed to benefit members of the local community. Since its formation, supporters have worked hard to transform a run-down area into a thriving outdoor recreational space that supports the health and wellbeing of all residents, providing many with a better quality of life, and aspirations for a brighter future. Today FOVPS has more than 1,516 local members, including 80 volunteers who run at least 6 events per year, which attract over 5,000 people, and a varied programme of activities.

In May 2019, the organisation’s former premises - an old bowling hut that had long fallen into disrepair and was demolished. Long before that, the group was aware that its members would benefit from a purpose-built building. Following a thorough evaluation and consultation process with volunteers and the wider community, the group established the community’s need for new premises within the park - with a tearoom, toilets and spaces that would serve as a community hub. Charitable fundraising activities, combined with financial contributions from local businesses, government grants and the National Lottery Community Fund have allowed plans to come to fruition.

While COVID-19 has thrown some inevitable hurdles into the building programme, the build is finally nearing completion thanks to the relentless drive by Planning Specialist Shelly J Quinton-Hulme, supported by a board of 12 Trustees.

The Marketing Strategy

“A viable social enterprise…”

A long-term marketing strategy was presented to the Board, with the aim of facilitating growth and supporting the charity’s ambition to become a viable social enterprise through sustainable means of income.

All aspects of a traditional marketing strategy were included, such as organisational and marketing objectives, a full marketing audit, segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies and the implementation of an integrated marketing plan, spanning the extended marketing mix (7P’s). The 27-page report was compiled from details outlined in the FOVPS Community Hub Business Plan and Fundraising Strategy 2020-2022, with supporting desktop research and applied marketing theory and practise.

“I wanted to give the group a really valuable document, which put the diverse needs of residents at the heart of their mission and to give them a sustainable foundation upon which to grow. While income generating activities were important to consider, I wanted to maximise the physical indoor space of the tearoom and hub, as well as the outdoor spaces of the park, introducing public arts projects, gardening projects and a “community wall” to reflect the participation of the public.”

FOVPS Style Guide

To add value to the project, I created a Style Guide to help establish the organisation’s unique brand. The Style Guide set guidelines for tone of voice, writing principles, brand messaging and positioning, style of photography, colour hierarchy, and use of illustration and iconography.

Client Testimonial

Shelly Quinton-Hulme, Performance Analyst – DWWP at Network Rail

Louise delivered us a comprehensive marketing strategy for the next few years. This strategy will ensure that we are set on the right path to success, and we thank you for delivering a great document and getting to know our group and our aims. I highly recommend her to you.

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