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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

This will be right for you if you haven’t got a marketing strategy yet. So, you might be setting up a new business, or you might be an existing business wanting to improve marketing performance. 
This option explores your business in detail. You can expect a robust report that covers all aspects of a 12-month marketing strategy, using primary and secondary research.

Reports may include:


  • A summary of your marketing objectives for the year, to ensure alignment with your business plan.  

  • A Marketing Audit:

    • A review of the external and the internal environment, to establish that there is a viable market for your product or service.

    • In-depth exploration of the competition.

    • SWOT Analysis.

    • Summary of findings and recommended actions.

These first two sections will require further insight into your business, which can be discovered in a way to suit you, either by a face-to-face meeting, zoom call, or simply by email. 

  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP)                       

    • Customer analysis to really get to know your customers and how you can reach them.

    • Targeting strategy. What will be your plan of attack?

    • Provision of a positioning statement. This will aid branding activities and put your business in the minds of your customers.

  • The Marketing Mix

    • Spanning the 7P’s of marketing. This section will take a deep dive into the marketing tactics that will really make a difference to your business.

    • Building your team – will you need to outsource or recruit?

    • Marketing budget – with breakdown by resources, activities, marketing tools and systems.

    • Timeline – provision of a full Work Breakown Schedule (WBS).

    • Metrics and Measurement, including Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) relevant to your business goals.


Marketing Strategy Makeover

If you already have a marketing plan, but you would like to update it, or have it reviewed by an independent Marketing Consultant, charges will be billed at an hourly rate. To provide examples of the work undertaken, this may include desktop market research, and provision of recommendations through creative presentations, or formal reporting methods. Let’s discuss what will work for you.  

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Marketing Campaign Plan for New Products & Services

Objectives, Challenges, Customer Profiling, Value Propositions & USP's, The Integrated Communications Mix, Lightweight & Heavyweight Content, Branding, Project Management.

Image by Scott Graham

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Audit, Content Pillars, Content Structure & Management, The Content Marketing Mix, a 6-month Content Media Plan, Bespoke Annual Events Calendar, Measurement & Optimisation.

Image by Scott Graham

Social Media Plan

Social Media Networks, Resources, & Tools for Automating Social Media. Copywriting, User-Generated Content (UGC), Influencer Marketing, 6-week Social Media Plan, Bespoke Annual Events Calendar, Measurement & Optimisation

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