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Marketing Campaign Plan for New Products & Services

Marketing Communications Plan for New Products & Services

You’ve been working hard on developing your new product or service, which is really going to blow the market away. You now need a Marketing Campaign Plan that is going to resonate with your customers.

Your Marketing Communications Plan may include elements of the below:


  • An overview of the current situation to determine what type of plan you require. Will your plan focus on an independent campaign or will it build on a campaign that already has your customer’s hooked?

  • An investigation of the challenges that the plan needs to accommodate, or provide a solution to.

  • Customer profiling – to identify your target customer(s) and ensure that the right message is tailored to each group.

  • A deeper dive into the value propositions and Unique Selling Points (USP’s) of your product or service, for each customer profile.

  • Identification of the right communications mix at the appropriate stage of the marketing funnel. Prospects may require heavyweight content (such as whitepapers), as they progress down the funnel into a fully converted sale.

  • Branding evaluation with recommendations. Perhaps you need to develop a sub-brand to reach a new audience?

  • Resource and budget management.

  • Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) – When does your product or service need to be launched? How long will you support your launch?

  • Measurement and evaluation – identification of the appropriate metrics and tools available, to analyse your plan, with provision of bespoke Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

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Marketing Strategy 

Audit, SWOT Analysis, Segmentation & Customer Profiling, Targeting, Positioning,  The Marketing Mix, Resource Breakdown, Budgeting, Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), Metrics & Measurement (KPIs).

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