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Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan

This option may be right for you if you are looking for a more focussed approach to building a winning Content Marketing Strategy.


Each strategy could include:

  • A Content Marketing Audit – to evaluate what you are currently doing. Are you using a good mix of channels and forms of content? Is your content engaging and useful?

  • Your content marketing purposes and goals for the future.

  • A breakdown of your audience’s needs and how to identify your customer’s content requirements.

  • Identification of your Content Pillars – the subset of topics or themes, which create the foundation of your content marketing strategy, and the stories you will build.

  • Presentation of how you will structure and manage the activation of your plans, including:

    • Analysis of the 3 different modes of content; evergreen, planned and topical, which are right for you.

    • An introduction to the content marketing funnel – to raise awareness of the appropriate forms of content at core stages of your buying journey.

    • A summary of owned, paid and earned media – the benefits and limitations of each.

    • Your winning content marketing mix - the activities you will focus on and the appropriate publishing and scheduling tools to use.

    • Your 6-month Content Media Plan.

    • A bespoke Annual Events Calendar, relevant to your business.

    • Measurement and Evaluation – how you will gauge performance using Google Analytics (GA) and appropriate tools to optimise your content.

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Marketing Campaign Plan for New Products & Services

Objectives, Challenges, Customer Profiling, Value Propositions & USP's, The Integrated Communications Mix, Lightweight & Heavyweight Content, Branding, Project Management.

Image by Scott Graham

Marketing Strategy 

Audit, SWOT Analysis, Segmentation & Customer Profiling, Targeting, Positioning, The Marketing Mix, Resource Breakdown, Budgeting, Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), Metrics & Measurement (KPIs).

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Social Media Plan

Social Media Networks, Resources & Tools for Automating Social Media. Copywriting, User-Generated Content (UGC), Influencer Marketing, 6-week Social Media Plan, Bespoke Annual Events Calendar, Measurement & Optimisation

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